NATAN ESKU: Plantasma

Natan Esku: Plantasma


Natan Esku with his Plantasma project returns to creation of colourful light sculptures which through the years of tinkering and fine tuning even lived their own proper lives as a result of multiple phases of recycling and always new and fresh visual transformations. Miniature objects, this fantastical growth of cyber-vegetation, gradually evolve, change shapes and function and thus keep re-entering the cycles of re-usage. The main building block of these light bodies, kept in life by electricity of four and a half volts, is discarded plastic that echoes the evolution of playful shapes, colours and meanings.

Natan Esku (1973), after finishing the School of photography and Design, graduated in visual communications at ALUO in Ljubljana. He specialized in illustration at the Academy in Budapest. Apart from painting he also works in photography, illustration and design. He lives and works in Ljubljana.