NTF – Department of Graphic and Interactive Communications: Spatial Centrifuge

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering (NTF), University of Ljubljana – Department of Graphic and Interactive Communications: Spatial Centrifuge
light installation
mentor: Boris Beja
Foerster’s Garden

Any reflection on space is a contemplation of relationships. With space, we build a wide variety of opportunities for users, which help us complement and upgrade the constants of the spatial cross. The project, which was created in the course Art analyses of graphic products 2, tackles the thematization of relationships that we have changed, and some of them also forgotten, with modern ties. In the past, people met by wells, today we meet neighbours by dumpsters. What does packaging with which we fill containers mean to us? And what about short addresses, which have become definitions of politeness, so that we can return as quickly as possible to a space that is our home, individualized, hidden and removed from the coincidences of everyday life?  By reading statements on the linen, the spatial intervention is connected to the fields of study where the graphic medium lends hand to the design and research of textiles. Our textiles are washed linen, on which the whiteness of the canvas turns into a space for young people’s statements, in which we can read, among other things, where and in what kind of spaces they want to shape their future. /participants/

participants: Lara Mrhar, Pia Vinka Klajić, Ana Jakončič, Liza Štandeker, Tina Ružič, Laura Robek, Nuša Karo, Nika Perovnik, Erika Grum, Ana Kompara, Urška Klenovšek, Anja Jerala, Špela Malc, Gregor Oštir, Hana Ocvirk, Tea Sevšek, Tjaša Merlin, Nika Udovič, Eva Klemenčič, Lana Šušteršič Jeršin, Valentina Teršek, Lara Zuza, Ivana Koron, Lara Može, Sara Ana Kambič, Tea Gričar, Anuška Đogić, Nina Rojc, Gaja Bajc, Sara Štemberger, Nino Volf, Eva Bevk, Gracija Čepič, Hana Bajt, Nataša Trček, Špela Bajrič, Neja Žgavec in Maja Černe

coproducers: Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana