NTF - Oddelek za oblikovanje tekstilij in oblačil: Neskončne smeti

NTF – Textile and Fashion Design: Infinite Trash

NTF – Textile and Fashion Design: Infinite Trash
lighting installation

Tollbooth next to the NTF
24th May–19th June 2021

“Infinite Trash is a huge heap of (textile) waste material. Illuminated, it stands out even more and in the street, it draws attention to its presence. We want to present something ordinary and address an issue we’re all aware of: environmental pollution and of the role of the textile industry in it. The exterior made of fishing nets draws attention to the problem of plastics in the world and in the textile industry that is woven into our lives. The woven threads and endless mirrors conjure up an idyllic, almost magical landscape of seemingly endless problems for which we can find an endless solution for our tomorrow. A pile of waste acquires new value, new potential, and also new content in the creative process. It represents a kind of hope, two unreal worlds that can be said to embody a pair of alternatives to our future. Which one of the infinities would you step into?” /contributing artists/

Artists: Maria Hernández Garcia, Marika Gönc, Gašpar Marinič, Zoja Muhič and Maja Zupanc

Mentors: Assoc. Prof. M.A. Katja Burger Kovič and Prof. Marija Jenko

DAILY: 21.30–23.30

Coproduction: Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, UL