Evgeniya Bolyukh

ONE NIGHT PUBLIC GALLERY: Unreal Bonfires Programme // Under Naked Skies, Ljubljana and Kamnik

ONE NIGHT PUBLIC GALLERY: Unreal Bonfires Programme // Under Naked Skies, Ljubljana and Kamnik
one-night open-air video projections, 16.−25. 9. 2021, 21.00−23.30
Thursday, 16th Sept. 2021, River Captains Club, under the Prule bridge, Ljubljana
Saturday, 18th Sept. 2021, The Museum of Architecture and Design park, Fužine castle*), Ljubljana
Wednesday, 22nd Sept. 2021, Cankarjev dom platform, Ljubljana
Saturday, 25th Sept.  2021, Barutana Creative Quarter, Kamnik

A whole series of events will take place as part of the Under Naked Skies program in Ljubljana and Kamnik at the initiative of the Lighting Guerrilla festival and the Polish collective NOKS, and carried out under the auspices of the international initiative titled One Night Public Gallery. This is a project dedicated to video art in public space launched in 2018 by the Polish curators and producers Weronika Morawiec and Robert Sochacki: the exhibition format is conceived as a one-time site-specific open-air event, usually in unconventional locations in an urban setting. It’s an open and freely accessible event which has achieved so far more than 20 iterations in European cities and which, by placing selected artistic content in the urban space, contributes to its popularity and thus strengthens the liveliness of urban public life. Both curators and the Lighting Guerrilla festival have invited a series of younger artists to contribute to four events in Ljubljana and Kamnik: a heterogeneous selection of authorial poetics that build upon the dialogue between space and moving images brings forth an immersive experience of digital pixellated landscapes. Each location will feature a different projections.

The event in Kamnik will be accompanied by a premiere dance performance by stage artists Anna Steller and Anita Wach. This is their first collaboration as a duo in which they will demonstrate their sensual and processual perception of the nature of relations and encounters that we experience in our lives: as people, as bodies, as thinking and emotional beings, tensions, awkwardness, euphoria and comfort felt in our rhizomatic interpersonal interactions. Several other local, both sound and visual artists will contribute to the event with their projects as well.


knnz (Neža Knez, SI), Daphne Vlassis (CA), Santiago Colombo Migliorero & Yese Astarloa (AR), Jeremy Griffaud (FR), Daria Pugachova & Zhanar Bereketova, Janek Kowal (PL)

Maciek Stepniewski (PL), Beam team (SI), Kristina Kokalj (SI), knnz (Neža Knez, SI), Robert Sochacki (PL)

Igor Berseneev (RU), Daria Pugachova & Zhanar Bereketova (RU/UA), Galina Bakinova (RU), Eden Mitsenmacher (US/NL), Paulius Sliaupa (LT), Kristina Kokalj (SI), Jeremy Griffaud (FR), Evgyena Bolyukh (RU), Nikola Dabić (RS), Enzo Cillo (IT), cute agression (Taja Štembergar, SI), Diana Nigmatova (RU), Lizana Toñin (ES), Tasha Orlova (BR), Marc-Andre Weibezahn (DE), Mahshid Mahboubifar (IR).

BARUTANA Creative Quarter, Kamnik
Thomas Vailanatos (GR), Daria Pugachova & Zhanar Bereketova (RU/UA), Savyasachi (IN), Joacelio Batista (BR), Daria Palka & Justyna Wisniowska (PL), Patrick K.-H. (RU/AT), Gurkan Maruf Mihci (US), Qianlin Wang (CN), Martha Kicsiny (HU), Harshil Bhanushali (IN), Beam Team (SI), Kristina Kokalj (SI), Julija Sokolnicka (PL), cute agression (Taja Štembergar, SI), Lizana Toñin (ES).

Sound designer and audio technician: Črt Trkman

Taking care of projections: Beam Team

on photo: excerpt from video by Evgeniya Bolyukh


Evgeniya Bolyukh, RU – selection of short collage videos: “Transformation”, “The Launch”, “Procrastination”
Evgeniya Bolyukh is a mixed media visual artist from Russia. Her main goal is to express meanings and ideas in her works to make the viewer think about the versatile nature of human emotions and invite them to interact with it.

Daria Pugachova and Zhanar Bereketova, UA+RU – 2 works: “Dreaming of Spring” and “KrishNa”
Dasha+Zhanar is a collaboration of two artists from Kyiv and Moscow that started in 2019. They got to know each other through their joint artistic practice. For a long time, they haven’t seen each other live and haven’t even talked to each other. The main means of their communication is their shared artistic practice: videos, installations, objects and performances.
IG: @dashapluszhanar

Daphne Vlassis, CA – 1 video – “Sea of Desire”
Daphne is a multidisciplinary artist who grew up in Europe and resides in Canada. Her practice is rooted in drawing, painting and digital media. She has studied Philosophy and Art at the University of Toronto and York University and holds a degree in 3D Computer Animation.

Jeremy Griffaud, FR – Dungeon, Contre nature, Best landscape
Born in 1991, lives and works in Nice, France. By hijacking clichés anchored in the collective imagination, Griffaud produces absurd or parodic works that draw on the contours of his singular universe and a fantasy world.

Joacelio Batista, BR – 1 work “CTRL+Z”
Joacelio Batista lives and works in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He holds a Master in Contemporary Artistic Creation at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, and a degree at the School of Fine Arts at the Federal University of Minas Gerais – UFMG. Batista works as a visual artist, filmmaker and videomaker.

Thomas Valianatos, GR – 1 work “Quarantine Self Portrait”
Thomas Valianatos was born in Athens, since 2010 he has been teaching at the Department of Audio & Visual Arts of the Ionian University. His artworks, in the form of original comic book art, digital prints, live electronic music, videos and live audio & visual performances, have been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Santiago Colombo Migliorero & Yese, AR – 1 work “All the rooms were occupied”
Santiago & Yese are two Argentinian artists who live in Madrid. They work together as a collective on an ongoing project about cartography, territories and archive, and aspire to enrich their artistic research by creating networks while they develop this ongoing project in different territories and artistic scenes in a permanent dialogue with other artists, with the community and with the contexts in which they are immersed.

Galina Bakinova, RU – 1 work “Digital Carpet”
Galina Bakinova is an artist and a digital illustrator who lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia. In her work, Galina addresses the topics of human interaction and digital space, the influence of social networks, the impact of advertising content and digital context on a person, the transformation of a person’s lifestyle as a result of these relationships and the shift of their priorities.

Maciek Stepniewski, PL – a series of generative forms, untitled
Maciek Stępniewski is a Warsaw-based audiovisual artist focusing on digital, abstract and generative design, animation and music. He graduated in both BA and MA at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, New media arts department. His films were shown at several European festivals and his albums were released by several local netlabels.

Robert Sochacki, PL – a series of video paintings “Komorebi”
Robert Sochacki was born in Gdansk, Poland, in 1971 and is currently based in Wroclaw. He is an academic teacher at Stage Design dept. and New Media dept. at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw. For almost 25 years he has been artistically active, working in different fields, from theatre set design through VJ’ing, performance and outdoor projections to interactive light installations.

Gurkan Mihci, USA – 1 work “echo chamber”
Gurkan Maruf Mihci is an artist and educator from Indiana, USA. He exhibited his collective and individual audiovisual art and media works in festivals and exhibitions such as Gallery 263 (Boston, USA), Distopya Sound Art Festival (Istanbul, Turkey), Conde Duque (Madrid, Spain), and FILE – Electronic Language Festival (Sao Paulo, Brazil).

Savyasachi, IN – 1 work “Static Bombay”
“Hello, I’m Savya and I record everyday videos, sounds and images. Sometimes I make films out of them and sometimes I just play them back to myself.”

Diana Nigmatova, RU – 1 work “untitled”
Diana Nigmatova is a Moscow-based visual artist mainly focused on the medium of photography. She is inspired by nature and art, her works focuses on questions of identity and intimacy.

Patrick K.-H., RU/AT – series of short video collages
Patrick K.-H. is a Vienna-based and Russian-born, sound- / video- / and visual artist. Patrick K.-H. (a.k.a. Anton Iakhontov) collages within the fields of sound installations, live and tape acousmatic and animation, exercising cross-fertilisation. He’s the co-founder and curator of the Floating Sound Gallery (since 2008), the only venue for spatial sound in Russia (currently in St. Petersburg), and he conducts festivals and educational programs.

Nikola Dabić, RS – 1 work, “Relation/Resistance”
Nikola Dabić was born on November 25th 1994 in Prijedor, Republic of Srpska. Dabić graduated from the Academy of Arts, Department of Intermedia art of the Banja Luka University with an MA degree.

Enzo Cillo, IT – 1 work, “Propagation and Detection”
At the very core of Cillo’s research lies the topic of visible and invisible, and the constant questioning of the limit that exists between these opposites. His works are or were displayed at various international museums and festivals. He currently lives and works in Rome.

Toñin Lizana, ESP – 2 works, “Rota”, “Selfish Heart”
Toñin Lizana is from Alcañiz, a town in Bajo Aragón in Spain. In 2020 he created “Recuerdos de una IA”, a production of over 80 works of art and videos made with the help of artificial intelligence that participated in many international festivals in Japan, United States of America and across Europe.

Daria Pałka, Justyna Wiśniowska, PL – 1 work “Strenutie/Spotkania”
Daria Pałka and Justyna Wiśniowska are both graduates of the Fine Art Academy in Cracow, Poland. Their work Spotkania/Stretnutie is a video recording of people reacting to death. By using mirror composition, we inserted another human being in place of a board with necrologies.

Julia Sokolnicka, PL – 1 work “cut outs”
Julia Sokolnicka, born in Warsaw in 1983, is an experimental and documentary filmmaker, writer and researcher. Her practice moves between social philosophy, video and performance.

Tasha Arlova, BLR – 2 works “Ritual I” & “Ritual II”
Tasha Arlova is a visual artist working in performance, photography, performative videos and short films. She was born in 1989 in Vitebsk, Belarus, and has currently graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Works with political themes related to Belarus and the politics of oppression.

Janek Kowal, PL – 1 work “Border Poles”
Jan Kowal (born in 1997) is a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. He is interested in experimentation as an attempt to execute his works across mediums which include video art, painting and ceramics. He confronts the familiar rural environment of his home town of Piotrówka and examines it in search of its new meanings and narratives. He returns there eagerly.

Qianlin Wang, CN/UK – 1 work “Interpolation” – inside
Qianlin Wang was born in 1997 in China and lives in London. “I see the future of art to be the product that encompasses everything, a charity organisation, an academic institution, a community, an allegory, a library, a series of educational activities, participatory artwork, etc. The gallery only can show a portal to these locations, while the actual artwork happens in the real life. A lot of my work is self-reflexive and questions all the existing frameworks and formats out there which continue to shape our expectations and mindsets.”

Martha Kicsiny, HU – 1 work “Exercises in Perception” – inside
Martha Kicsiny was born in Bristol in 1995, she then lived in London until the age of nine. From 2015 until 2020 she studied in Budapest at the Hungarian Fine Art University. She currently lives in Budapest and mainly works in experimental films and video installations.

Harshil Bhanushali, IN – 1 work “Leaving Home” – inside
Harshil Bhanushali (1990) is a film director based in Mumbai, India. Working in the space of cinema and video art outside the confines of mainstream film industry, Harshil’s practice attempts to observe landscape/life/city being in a certain ‘transit’. Decaying human emotion & architecture along with migration and loss of identity are some themes he has constantly lived around and imbibed. His image-making
practice is in a constant flux between the known and unknown. He creates videos that draw their root from personal and collective memories.

Paulius Šliaupa, LT – 1 work “Ritual”
Paulius Šliaupa‘s (1990, Vilnius, Lithuania) works explore the relation(s) between culture and nature, the interaction of ambience and light that affect our daily lives. He’s created works ranging from video-installations and experimental movies for the cinema to objectlike paintings: his oeuvre encompasses a wide range of artistic media.

Marc-Andre Weibezahn, DE – 1 work “Resolution”
Marc-Andre Weibezahn, born in 1980, is based in Leipzig, Germany. “I am a media artist focusing on two topics: Digital Image and Embodied Interaction with Digital Media. In my practice, I use custom made software as the main artistic technique. My works often only live in the digital space as media files or running code, but every now and then they also enter the material world as objects or installations.

Mahshid Mahboubifar, IR – 1 work “Lost”
Mahshid Mahboubifar born in 1991 Jahrom, Iran, is a multidisciplinary artist who explores identity in relation to false memories.

Igor/Erkin, RU – Orb

Eden Mitsenmacher, USA/NL
The artist is interested in: – combining performance, video and installation to take a critical yet engaging view of social, political and cultural issues; – embracing the desire to do what you love and occasionally getting embarrassed by it; – using pop culture as a frame of reference for social and personal critique but also as a way to create familiarity and accessibility; – sharing and connecting experiences between an I and a You.


Anna Steller, PL (born in 1979) is a dancer, performer and choreographer. Her works are radical, she penetrates extreme emotional states of human being. She pays attention to be “here and now” during her performances.

Anita Wach,  PL is a dancer, choreographer and performer. A member of one of the first contemporary dance companies in Poland, Silesian Dance Theatre (Bytom,1996-2003). In 2010 she started an ongoing collaboration with Via Negativa as a performer in projects directed by Bojan Jablanovec, director of the VN platform.


cute agression (Taja Štembergar) is a young artist with a degree from the Secondary School of Design and photography in Ljubljana who’s into digital art and VJing. She’s performed at the MENT and LJSAF festivals and many other events. She’s a member of the V2V community and a participant of last year’s Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory.

knnz (Neža Knez): permalos_v9
Neža Knez graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering at the Department of Graphic and Interactive Communications, while now she’s completing her studies of Video and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. She’s into digital art and interested in the exploration of topics of nature, technology and the individual and in how they work together. Her works are usually video installations or VJ performances that enable her to present her work in new spatial dimensions. She also collaborates with the V2V community in Osmoza.

Kristina Kokalj: Undulations;
Kristina Kokalj is completing her studies of photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. She works in film, visual projections, lighting design, photography and sound. Her works explore the relations between light and darkness and lead the viewer into a comprehensive and immersive experience. She will be performing a live VJ act for this project.

Beam Team (Stella Ivšek & Anja Romih) are intermedia artists who work in sound visualization, video animation and scenography, while they’ve been VJing under their aliases as 5237 and SMECH  respectively for many years now in different festivals and events. They collaborate with the Ljudmila Association as curators of the V2V program, dedicated to artists from the fields of video art, video installations and visualizations.
Beam Team will be contributing to the project with VJ performances and technical support for the projections.


Wera Morawiec, member of the noks collective. She’s based in Wroclaw, Poland, holds a MA in clinical psychology, and has recently become an art curator/writer as well. She is interested in mundane spaces, grassroots initiatives and queer perspectives as she perceives them as the everyday opportunities to build a hopeful future.

+ www.svetlobnagverila.net

Production: Svetlobna Gverila/Forum Ljubljana, Beam Team and NOKS
Coproduction: Priden možic Cultural Association, Cankarjev dom, The Museum of Architecture and Design MAO, River Captains Club KRK
Co-financiers: MOL – Department for Culture, Ljubljana Tourism, Ministry of Culture