THE MIHA ARTNAK: Spopad zveri

The Miha Artnak: Clash of Beasts

The Miha Artnak: Clash of Beasts
light installation
embankment at the Tromostovje/ Triple Bridge (next to the bar Makalonca)

The Miha Artnak is an artist who has done a series of provocative projects not lacking in satire and subversiveness in recent years. His first collaboration with the Lighting Guerrilla Festival brings light installation that thematizes the eternal struggle between the centralized power and the power of the crowd. The river Ljubljanica here acts as a dividing line, an insurmountable barrier, over which a multitude of malevolent eyes stare from bank to bank, ready for an immediate confrontation. His explicit work, which immediately convinces with its clear message, naturally renounces concreteness so as to present a universal maxim: the project thus exposes the tensions that are reflected in every society that is dominated by inequality and asymmetry of power when it comes to deciding on the common good.

THE MIHA ARTNAK (1983) is graduate of visual communication design and a multidisciplinary artist. Among other things, he is the co-founder of the art collective ZEK, as well as Pop-up Home in Ljubljana and the first creative centre Polygon in Slovenia. In 2013, he co-founded the design studio People.

sponsor: Makalonca