LAURENZ THEINERT: Prebujenje (orig. Awakening)

Laurenz Theinert: Awakening

Laurenz Theinert: Awakening
lighting projection
façade of the Cankarjev dom

The project entitled Awakening by the German artist Laurenz Theinert tackles the issue of constitution and transformation of space as it can be defined by the medium of light. Geometric fields of intensive light slowly slide over the surface of the building volume, which leads to the effect of dynamic movement of the building mass, which becomes seemingly unstable and fluid. In this way, the artist plays with the very quality and dimensions of space and, in doing so, challenges the viewer’s perception. The space is caught in the loop of eternal movement and, as an unstable entity, time and time again establishes and defines itself anew. The meditative and poetic work demands attentive viewers, who by surrendering to the light, succumb to unique harmony.

LAURENZ THEINERT (Hannover, 1963) is a multimedia artist, who focuses on abstract reductive aesthetics, which, in his desire for dematerialization, led him from classic photography to light research. He studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and at the University of Leicester. In 2011, he received the MuV13 award for new media arts, and, two years later, also the award of the Association of Visual Artists of the state Baden-Württemberg. He lives and works in Stuttgart.

co-production: The Cankarjev dom
sponsor: NLB, d. d., Ljubljana