Light installation
Valvasor Park & Breg // until 22 June
OPENING: Friday, 24 May, 9:30 p.m.

Matej Bizovičar’s installation consists of two mysterious objects, organic membranes or capsules of some sort, the interiority of which hides the world of fantastic organic forms glowing in UV light. By playing with the relationships or relations between the illuminated elements, the author explores transformations that take place between them and thus have an influence on the very place of interaction, as well as on the viewer who follows the interactions. The capsule is therefore a synonym for a membrane that limits and determines us at the same time, and through which we (un)controllably communicate with the outside world. The project stems from the author’s reflection on what determines an individual’s identity and how the latter is affected by the individual’s exposure to various pieces of information and experiences, especially when we deal with the collision of different cultures and related issues of critical self-reflection.

At the same time, the presentation of the project, which was carried out by the students of SCHOOL OF ARTS at the University of Nova Gorica under the mentorship of Matej Bizovičar as part of last year’s Pixxelpoint festival, will take place in Breg. There will be a series of bird houses on display, illuminated objects, where various utilitarian and artistic elements intersect in a felicitous way. Participants: Oasis Ahmed, Luka Bandel, Špela Klavora, Tilen Lajevec, Matej Pirkovič, Gašper Rebernik, Neja Sajovic, Ajda Varl, Maksimiljan Zabukovec and Lana Kosovel (ALUO).

MATEJ BIZOVIČAR (1969, Ljubljana) studied painting at The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in the years 19911995. Since 1993, he has been creating in the studio in AKC Metelkova mesto. He worked at the theatre, at Radio Student, and has been involved in the Hostel Celica project for over 20 years. He makes unique furniture and has been generally devoted to wood. In the field of fine arts, in addition to painting, he also creates sculptures, spatial installations and mosaics. In recent years, he has participated in many international light festivals with his light installations.

on photo: work by Ahmed Oasis
co-production (installations on Breg): Cultural Home Nova Gorica, School of Arts University Nova Gorica
sponsor: Javna razsvetljava d. d.