V2V // URŠA ČUK, AMADEJ PLESNIČAR: Crystal Revival: Transformation through Chaos

V2V // URŠA ČUK, AMADEJ PLESNIČAR: Crystal Revival: Transformation through Chaos
Audio-visual installation
Garden next to the Križevniška Church // until 22 June
OPENING: Friday, 24 May, 9:30 p.m.
/entry to the garden on Wednesdays and Saturdays; on other days, viewing is possible from the outside/

The project Crystal Revival is a manifestation of the participants of the platform V2V, which, since 2019, has been managed by Stella Ivšek and Anja Romih under the umbrella of the Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory. The two participating authors, namely Urša Čuk and Amadej Plesničar, have developed their own approach in the field of VJing and video mapping over the years of collaboration as part of V2V meetings. This time, under creative leadership of the Beam Team, they present themselves with a group AV site-specific artwork. Crystal structures, spread out on the fenced garden next to Križevniška Church, are a symbol of transformation, where new life rises out of chaos and decay with the help of light. /Beam Team/

URŠA ČUK (rastrLAB) is an audiovisual and digital artist who works with different media, such as photography, graphic design, video and AV projections, whereby she explores interrelationships between visual images and sound. As a VJ, she participates in various club events and collaborates with different musical artists and bands, as well as in various art events, AR poster exhibitions and AV projects. AMADEJ PLESNIČAR (BubblesFractals) is a computer technician by education and a graduate of horticulture. He took art up as a hobby in 2017 and slowly improved his skills in different media. His stylistic expression is close to cyber-solarpunk aesthetic. BEAM TEAM (Stella Ivšek, Anja Romih, Črt Trkman) are intermedia artists who have together conceptualised several interactive a/v installations (Portal, Network, Plato’s Bodies), which have been presented at several local and international festivals and exhibitions. STELLA IVŠEK (born in 1987) and ANJA ROMIH (born in 1991) are intermedia artists who, in addition to years of VJ-ing at various art festivals and club events, are active in the fields of sound visualization, animation, editing and stage scenography. ČRT TRKMAN (born in 1987) is a sound designer, sound engineer and producer of electronic music.

curating and mentoring: Beam Team (Stella Ivšek & Anja Romih)
sound arrangement and mix: Črt Trkman (Beam Team)

co-production: Ljudmila Association laboratory for science and art, Festival Ljubljana
support: KUD Channel Zero