Lighting Guerrilla: Borders

13th international festival of light
OPENING OF THE FESTIVAL: 16th May 2019 @ 21.30, Match Gallery and surroundings, Ljubljana
16th May−15th June 2019

– Alkatraz Gallery and Pionirski dom, Thursday, 23. May 2019, at 21.30
– Pionir railway, Sathurday, 25. May 2019, at 21.30
– park at the Fuzine castle, Friday, 31. May 2019, at 21.30
– Lighting Park, Friday, 14. June 2019, at 21.30

The Lighting Guerrilla festival sets out to reinstate the rule of light in public spaces in the city centre once again, featuring some new locations as well to accompany the main festival venues around Križanke and Vžigalica gallery. This time the focus is on the exploration of borders, so in accordance with the theme we’re also setting out to some ’marginal’ areas of the city – namely to Fužine where a series of installations, created in in collaboration with local residents, will take place in the second halftime of the festival, and to AKC Metelkova as well. As usual, we will also present a series of projects created by and with students from different schools and academies in Ljubljana, since we are committed to education and training of young generations of artists.

This year’s edition of the festival is marked by several smaller projects that require a little bit of attention to discover them; this time ambition gives way to some rather intimate insights.

You’re about to witness a whole series of new productions by Slovenian artists which were created especially for our festival: installations, interactive set-ups, events and screenings are going to illuminate Ljubljana at night for a good month or so until its finale on the Museum Summer Night. This year’s focus of the festival is on exploration and comprehension of different aspects of borders, be those physical, optical, social, psychologic or purely spiritual, borders that both divide and connect. We will thus put on display works that explore the boundaries between the public and the private, between past and present etc … works that examine the limits of human perception and imagination and thus offer a deliberation on this phenomenon which is attracting lots of attention due to current events in the world.

Apart from the Match gallery, this year we’re hosted in the Alkatraz gallery too where the first solo presentation of the German collective RaumZeitPiraten, otherwise old friends of the festival, will take place as well. Towards the end of the festival we are going to erect a new light sculpture in theLighting Park along the Gradaščica creek in Trnovo, to address the passers-by in the following years with light and sound. Additionally, there will be many interactive projects at the festival that require an active involvement of the audience. The program of the festival will continue to strive to fulfil its mission: to produce visual and intermedia projects in order to present different visions of what a city can be, to emphasize the role of art in shaping of the public space and finally also to enhance the quality and colourfulness of urban life.

Open-air projects will be accessible all days of the week between 21.30 and 23.30.


Stran 22 collective, Golnaz Behrouznia & François Donato (IR/FR), Surreal Visuals (NL), Boštjan Drinovec & vj MESEC, Borut Bučinel & Borut Cajnko & Marko A. Kovačič & Jaka Kušar Jež & Miha Zupan, Tina Drčar, Neža Jurman, Gašper Milkovič Biloslav & Mitja Cerkvenik & Marko Turkuš & Marko Vivoda, Franc Solina & Enej Guček Puhar, Luka Savić, RaumZeitPiraten (DE), Andrej Štular, Nonument Group, Meta Grgurevič & Jaša;

attendees of the Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory workshop: Marko Batista, Lavoslava Benčić, Matej Bizovičar, Doroteja Erhatič, Tonja Gašperlin, Janez Grošelj, Neža Jurman, Kristina Kokalj, Miro Križman, Marko A. Kovačič, Denis Mavrič and Teja Tegelj;

STUDENTS of the High School of Design and Photography Ljubljana: Ema Ajster, Nika Erjavec, Ana Ferjanc, Delvin Flisek, Tina Jerman, Anja Kokalj, Val Mohorčič Krapež, Brina Krišelj, Živa Miklavčič, Nika Oblak, Dora Plantarič, Hana Polak, Lina Poženel, Klara Rus, Nika Verbe, Minea Vrabl, Andreja Vidmar and Tonja Žagar;

STUDENTS of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design – unique design, video and new media: Maruša Mazej, Darko Osterc, Zala Zagoršek and Simona Žiher; STUDENTS of the Faculty of Computer and Information Science: Živa Škof and Žiga Trontelj; STUDENTS of the Faculty of Architecture: Tamara Hostnik, Marjeta Javornik, Nina Jedlovčnik, Rabih Koussa, Iza Krampl, Tamara Nunčič and Marco Scremlin; STUDENTS of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering: Matija Čeligoj and Barbara Škrlj; STUDENTS of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering – department of textile and fashion design: Lovro Ivančić, Nina Glavič, Katja Brenčič, Urška Medved, Neža Cigale, Rebeka Pajek, Borjan Litovski, Vanesa Mohorič, Sebnem Basaran, Maria De Lamo Planelles, Andrea Maria Cámara, Ina Nathalie Bölsing, Žiga Brezovnik, Kaja Čufer, Tajda Dražić, Katarina Ekart, Maja Gazvoda, Zorica Gjorgievska, Neja Hladnik, Špela Hudobivnik, Anja Jaklin, Tia Krašovec, Žana Križanič, Ela Lesar, Rebeka Mamić, Nuša Merše, Katarina Miljković, Lara Mrzelj Lukač, Katarina Ostojič Sedonja, Ajla Pilipović, Jaka Podgoršek, Ivi Primožič, Maša Škarabot, Sara Šmid and Teja Šter;

PRE-SCHOOL AND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL children who collaborate within the program of the 4th LIKFest.

RESIDENTS of the Home for Elderly Citizens Fužine, members of Center aktivnosti Fužine (CAF) – središče druženja in aktivnosti za starejše / Centre of activities Fužine (CAF), RESIDENTS of Fužine

MENTORS: Nika Oblak & Damijan Kracina, Tilen Sepič & Luka Frelih, prof. dr. Franc Solina & doc. dr. Aleš Jaklič & doc. mag. Boštjan Drinovec & doc. dr. Petja Grafenauer, Staš Vrenko & Ivana Osećanski Despić, doc. dr. Tomaž Novljan & doc. dr. Matej B. Kobav, doc. mag. Katja Burger Kovič & asist. mag. Arijana Gadžijev & prof. Marija Jenko

PHOTO: Surreal Visuals