Kristina Kokalj: And Now I Am Drinking It

video installation
Match Gallery
15 June−5 July 2020


Kristina Kokalj’s installation, a chaotic spatial assembly of different objects and mechanisms that contribute an additional moment of kinetics, draws inspiration from the element of water and questions the boundaries between chaotic unpredictability and order. Abstracted images of water surfaces are being projected onto a mass of different objects to transform them into a one of a kind streaming landscape of light, or, as the artist says: these are vignettes from the life of water that liquefies in space through light. She is investigating all kinds of optical phenomena on various materials; the play of reflections, translucency and wavy textures that form entire networks of relations among them.

KRISTINA KOKALJ (1993) graduated in 2017 in video and new media at the Ljubljana’s Academy of Fine Arts and Design and continued her studies at the department of visual communication design where she’s completing her master’s degree in photography. She works in film, visual projections, lighting design, photography and sound, but her main point of interest is exploring the possibilities of the analogue film. She strives to create a comprehensive and immersive experience that establishes a dialogue between light and sound, that draws attention to technological imperfection and introduces repetitiveness and dissonance into her works. She’s also been a VJ since 2014 (regularly working with the Haiku Garden crew) and lighting designer in the Metelkova Gala Hala club since 2018.



coproduction: MGML
special thanks: Daniel Alexander (alias SNCKPCK)

gallery opening hours: Tue. – Sat.: 12.00 – 23.30