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Shadow Puppets

Shadow Puppets
Project Office, Rog Centre, Wolfova ul. 8
Saturday, 28th of May; 10.00 (10 am) – 13.00 (1 pm)
workshop for children

mentors: Andrej Štular, Tomo Per, Staš Vrenko

The workshop is free, appropriate for children 9+ years and devoted to making puppets for a shadow theater but the participants also get to learn about and use state-of-the-art 3D technology of laser cutting.

The participants will make puppets for the Shadow Theater ensemble, using various materials that they will cut with a laser cutter to make puppets or props. Individual parts will be assembled and made into moving puppets, technically equipped with everything that is necessary so the puppets can move around. The workshop’s finale is a live demonstration, offering participants the opportunity to test their puppeteering skills.

The number of participants is limited (8), registration mandatory. No previous knowledge necessary. After the workshop the participants may take home the shadow puppets that they made.

Registration and information: e-mail: / tel.: 040 988 011

Produced by: Rog Centre