Aleksandra Stratimirović: Brilliance

Aleksandra Stratimirović: Brilliance
lighting installation
garden next to Križevniška church
24th May–19th June 2021


The spatial, sound and light installation by Aleksandra Stratimirović is inspired by the medieval mystical iconography of the mysterious garden. The project consists of tens of LED strings that are thoughtfully placed on the walls of the miniature green oasis next to Križanke. The programmed light choreography, set to the soundtrack by Leonel Kaplan, brings a sensual and unforgettable journey into the heart of light and its transcendence.

The installation can only be viewed through the fence windows but the garden will be open to visitors of the guided tours of the festival on Thursday and Saturday evenings.

ALEKSANDRA STRATIMIROVIĆ is a Serbian-born artist who lives and works in Stockholm. She graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Belgrade and completed her postgraduate studies at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. She works as a lighting designer as a member of The Lighting Detectives collective from Stockholm and a co-founder of the Lighting Guerrilla festival. She often lectures on the topic of light and has created numerous art projects and permanent installations. Last year, she received the Stora Förtjänst award for her work.

Music: Leonel Kaplan
Technical assistance and programming: Anton Sjöstrand

DAILY: 21.30–23.30

Coproduction: Festival Ljubljana
The project was supported by: Osram, E:cue, Control Dept, IASPIS