ALUO: Underground 2.0

objects, video projection
street shafts in French Revolution square
15 June−1 July 2020


At this year’s edition, power line shafts can also reveal a different view on the city underground. This time students of the ALUO are occupying the underground locations in front of the Vžigalica gallery. Anastasia Krivolapova and Urša Rahne created a project called Eter. They based it on the Aristotle’s definition of the fifth element and very contemporarily interpreted it as information. Ana Ščuka and Urška Slemenešek approach similar points in their project, theirs is called Misli / Thoughts and shows the fifth element as the manifestation of energy of an infinite stream of thought. They created a setup of light signals to represent brain synapses’ activity. The Bantur collective established a miniature bed-sit in one of the shafts that is going to be put on the market for rent. The artists are thus addressing the insufferable situation in the Slovenian real-estate market too.

collaborating students: Anastasia Krivolapova and Ana Ščuka (ALUO, Unique design); Urška Slemenšek, Urša Rahne; Bantur art collective: Amadea Ris, Tamara Mihalič, Božidar Sekulić, Urban Klinkon, Rok Roudi and Neja Berger (ALUO; Video and new media).

mentors: Boštjan Drinovec (ALUO, Unique design) & Sašo Sedlaček (ALUO, Video and new media).



sponsor: MadMapper
coproduction: Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana