ALUO / Ana Marija Palir: Nadzorovani

Ana Marija Palir (ALUO): Under Control

Ana Marija Palir (Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana): Under Control
Novi trg (New Square), street lamps, Ljubljana
23. May–18. June 2022
interactive light installation

Various technologically advanced surveillance tools that control every aspect of our lives, leave people with feelings of increasing anxiety and mistrust. Techno-feudalism, as some are calling the current sociopolitical constellation, personifies the dystopian version of reality, which is defined by reviving tendencies of a particular type of totalitarianism. The artist, placing her project inside public street lamps, is reflecting on such tendencies: she devised a set of mobile interactive eyes constantly monitoring their surroundings. The eyes react to anyone who comes near them and then use red light rays to follow and track these passers-by, which is not only aggressive but also intimidating.

ANA MARIJA PALIR (1998, Maribor) finished Highschool for Horticulture and Visual Arts in Celje and is currently studying Video and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (University of Ljubljana). She was always interested in the arts; next to classical media she also creates in the field of photography, video and animation.

Co-produced: Academy of Fine Arts and Design (University of Ljubljana)