Andrej Štular & Janez Grošelj: City – Sketch

Andrej Štular & Janez Grošelj: City – Sketch
Match Gallery, Ljubljana
23. May – 18. June 2022
spatial installation

In the new installation addressing contemporary urban experience, Andrej Štular joins forces with Janez Grošelj who contributed technicalities and software tools skills. The authors devised an integrated spatial ambient, full of details such as the set of mobile elements and varied mechanical devices moving around static images to create an illusion for the viewer – with the help of light, shadows and sound – of (being in) the dynamic cacophony that is a modern city. The set-up, with plenty of humorous fragments and inspiring technological improvisations, follows-up on the idea that a city is a place of infinite possibilities, usually disclosing itself as a conglomerate of various issues and perspectives. And finally, to spice it all up, this visual tale of a city that never rests include all kinds of ready-made elements and recycled objects that once again prove to be an essential element of Štular’s poetics.

In his work ANDREJ ŠTULAR (1967) is often focused on combining different art techniques with the spheres of rural, domestic psycho-pathologies but also more abstract subjects that question the very essence of humanity, man’s identity or rather man’s position (with)in the system that is contemporary world. Skillful transitioning among various media and erasing boundaries that separate them – something that very much distinguishes Štular’s work – is what became the author’s signature idiosyncratic artistic expression. His pieces are always a bit ambiguous and usually make the viewer feel challenged. JANEZ GROŠELJ has a postgraduate degree in Architecture but in his recent work he’s rapidly moving away from designing buildings towards exploring his talents in a smaller and more intimate field of working with light and lighting art. Next to creating his own work, he shares his technical knowledge and experience in programming as an adviser and mentor at numerous workshops.

Co-production: MGML, LG Nebo