Brina Ivanetič: Kaleidoscope

Brina Ivanetič: Kaleidoscope
light installation
Breg, French Revolution square, Glej theatre
24th May–19th June 2021


The artist designed the project proceeding from the consideration of what most characterizes human impact on the environment and nature. She found the answer in garbage in which she recognized the most obvious symptom of human existence and activity. All kinds of waste, whether visible or invisible, have long since become an everyday part of our reality, and their impact on ecosystems increasingly worse. Brina Ivanetič placed her project in rubbish bins, thus turning them into caleidoscopes where waste is transformed into aestheticized abstract images. According to her, her work reveals her resigned view of the world where the helpless individual, when faced with the horror of reality, has no choice but to transform that horror into something that pleases and doesn’t hurt.

BRINA IVANETIČ (1987, Ljubljana) is an academic sculptor and completed her studies in 2016 at ALUO with prof. Sergej Kapus and prof. Jože Barši. She received the student Prešernova award for her graduation thesis on the topic of absence and death. She’s participated in many group exhibitions home and abroad and had several solo presentations as well. She is currently active in the field of theatre crafts too, especially lighting.

DAILY: 21.30–23.30