FAKULTETA ZA ARHITEKTURO: Prostor skulpture in skulptura prostora

Faculty of Architecture: A Space of Sculpture and a Sculpture of Space

Faculty of Architecture: A Space of Sculpture and a Sculpture of Space
light installation
park next to Križanke
mentor: assoc. prof. dr. Tomaž Novljan

Contrast, transparency, light, movement and perception are spatial concepts that define every space and determine its singularity. The relationships between these space postulates with the help of light and surfaces was researched by a group of students from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, under the supervision of assoc. prof. dr. Tomaž Novljan. An example of a lighting construct, which is materialized and situated into the Park Križanke, represents a sculpture in a space and, at the same time, a space in a sculpture. A specially designed path leads the visitor from the dark exterior into the illuminated interior of an architectural shell and back again to the exterior. /participants/

participants: Abdülkadir Sandal, Girayhan Kaya, Katarzyna Ordon, Maria-Alexandra Stanciu, Nezhada Lalzad, Thibault Gauthier, Žana Korenjak, Anton Jakob Bonča

mentor: Assoc. prof. dr. TOMAŽ NOVLJAN (1962) has been intensely professionally, artistically and in his pedagogic work dealing with the phenomenon of light and its effect on built space at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana for 20 years. He understands light, whether natural or artificial, as a unique building material that, together with shade, otherwise an inseparable antipode of light, shapes and materializes the spaces we inhabit.

co-production: Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana