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Faculty of Architecture: Shadow Reflections

Faculty of Architecture: Shadow Reflections
23. May–18. June 2022
park next to Križanke, Emonska ulica
light installation

mentors: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tomaž Novljan and Prof. Dr. Matej Kobav

Project’s vantage point is an exploration of virtual spaces and shadow volumes, produced by physical bodies and projected onto their environment by using alternating switching of various light sources. Under particular lighting conditions, each body has their own shadowy anti-pod, which can look similar to its physical counterpart or it can be totally different. Virtual shadow volumes can intertwine or complement each other and their shades of dark(ness) are of different intensities. The shadows can move onto other bodies, which can make these seem even darker, or lighter, creating a mixture of spaces of half-shadows with softly blurred lines and sharply delineated ones with dark shadows. Real and virtual shadow surfaces define shadows’ proportions, creating peculiar spaces through which we can freely move without any physical obstacles, while at the same time these shadowy spaces are able to seemingly transform any material attributes inside the space. Lastly, visitors – by being present inside the light installation – will also interactively participate in the making and the shaping of shadow reflections. /Lanlan Wei, Alba Bullich Mounier, Julian Siegel, Maria Chiscan, Matej Vodnik and Olivia Vela Ferreiro/

PARTICIPANTS: Lanlan Wei, Alba Bullich Mounier, Julian Siegel, Maria Chiscan, Matej Vodnik, Olivia Vela Ferreiro, Paco Morcillo Cascales            

Co-produced: Faculty of Architecture (University of Ljubljana), Faculty of Electrical Engineering (University of Ljubljana)