NTF – Katedra za oblikovanje tekstilij in oblačil, Fakulteta za arhitekturo (UL): Soseska/Soteska

FNSE – Department of Textiles, Faculty of Architecture: Neighborhood/(neigh)gorge(hood)

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering – Department of Textiles, Faculty of Architecture (University of Ljubljana): Neighborhood/(neigh)gorge(hood)
Šiška district nr. 6 (meadow)
OPENING: Saturday, 28th of May, at 21.30 (9.30 PM) // until 18. 6.
light installation

mentors: Tadej Glažar, Anže Zadel, Elena Fajt, Katja Burger and Marija Jenko

This is a joint project of students from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering and Faculty of Architecture, divided between two locations. One part is exhibited in the city center, and the other on a meadow (Šiška district nr. 6), where a civil initiative was recently formed to oppose planned changes regarding the function of properties and more building(s) on public spaces. This was the reason for choosing this location and the students wish to contribute – in the form of an artistic intervention – to raising concerns regarding the degradation of common urban spaces and emphasize their significance for the local community. In Šiška they created an object in the shape of a pyramid; by changing colors of the light sources, the effect of filtering light achieves an illusion of seemingly moving light structures. Pendant to this piece, but turned upside down, is set up at Soteska: here, the pyramid changes into a funnel transforming this urban ambient with its lacy lighting structure. Project’s duality underlines its deliberation on the dichotomy between a gentrified city center and its more distant neighborhood: or as the authors themselves said, most of all they wish to point out the similarities between the two – different parts of the city but both part of the same, common urban reality.

Participants: Filip Mikuž, Miha Benčina, Nikolaj Srdić Kranjc (Faculty of Architecture), Jurij Fidel, Anže Mrak, Marigone Gashi, Lucija Bostič, Ines Čeperlin, Ana Bewanger, Alenka Burger, Kaja Čotar, Matic Erjavec, Judita Kociper, Monika Končar, Ana Križnar, Alja Margon, Marija Okršlar, Klara Kališnik, Isak Podgoršek, Naja Kepeš, Zorica Gjorgievska, Ela Rozina, Zarja Černe (Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering), Julia Glanfield (Kingston School of Art, London) and Deren Gencel (Marmara School of Art, Istanbul).

Co-produced: Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering (University of Ljubljana), Faculty of Architecture (University of Ljubljana)