FESTIVAL U[KREP] / Taking Action/ 2020: 1 # – NEW REALITY of PTL

short dance sequences / interventions 5+5
15 June 2020 @ 22.000
Novi trg, Ljubljana

PTL in cooperation between festivals Ukrep /Taking Action/ and Svetlobna gverila / Lighting Guerrilla/, this year’s edition will present short dance sequences / interventions 5+5  by Slovenian dancers and choreographers as a starting point in the “world of light” or in the unique correspondence of movement and light, which will take place this year under the slogan by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: »Mehr Licht« or “More light”. You are invited to celebrate life, that is, to attendance.

Dance Theater Ljubljana (PTL) has produced more than 250 dance and dance-theater performances by Slovenian and foreign authors who have received important awards at home and abroad. PTL importantly contributes and opens the way for future artists, also with the festival of dance perspectives UKREP – TAKING ACTIONS encourages innovative creativity and the development of contemporary dance in our country.



pruduction: Dance Theater Ljubljana (PTL)