High School of Design and Photography (SŠOF Ljubljana): Sweet light

light projections / workshop
1st June, 8th June, 17th June 2017
Cukrarna palace, under the bridge

OPENING: Thursday, 1st June, at 21.30

The series of three evening events is dedicated to the presentation of works created by the students of SŠOF during the workshop under the mentorship of Kurt Laurenz Theinert and Karmen Klobasa. The participants will use overhead projectors to create temporary light interventions onto the architecture of the base of the new bridge near the Cukrarna building. They will use lighting architectural transformations to create new micro ambients in the city: the interplay of shapes and light is based on selected personal objects that have a certain past and an emotional value that comes with it.

mentors: KARMEN KLOBASA, a Master of Arts in the field of textile design, has gathered her experience in the real economy, education and journalism. She’s worked as a fashion designer for several textile companies and other clients, while since 2009 she’s been employed at the SŠOF in Ljubljana as the professor of professional theoretical subjects. KURT LAURENZ THEINERT (1963, Hannover, Germany) is a photographer and author of lighting installations and performances. He studied at the academy of visual arts in Stuttgart and Leicester. His work is based on abstract aesthetics. His lighting installations and performances have been exhibited all around the world. He lives and works in Stuttgart.

participants: Mirjam Avguštin, Samra Buljić, Hana Černivec, Amina Emušič, Vita Gradič, Pia Patricia Ojačić Jakin, Nina Kosednar, Ana Krivec Rakmini, Sanja Stiković, Veronika Tržan (3. f)

coproduction: School for design and photography