Jani Pirnat: Just moved in

light installation
1st June – 17th June 2017
Cukrarna palace

OPENING: Thursday, 1st June, at 21.30

A free-hanging lightbulb is the most widespread lighting object in the world. It is both indispensably useful and an omnipresent monument to laziness and to postponing work&decisions to a later time, which is why it deserves its own triumphal arch.

When we build and furnish our homes, the lights are usually those who come last; after all the planning, bureaucracy, hard work and many decisions we tend to run out of money and energy to completely finish the set goals. The lights are a big financial burden and their choice demands lots of concentration. Which is why in every home there is a basement, storeroom, workshop, boilerroom or bathroom where a wire with a lightbulb at its end is protruding from a wall or ceiling. It does serve its purpose, but it’s also a reminder of incompletion that angers us until we come to terms with it and learn to ignore it at our homes, while we tend to notice it elsewhere. /Jani Pirnat/

JANI PIRNAT (1974, Ljubljana) is an art historian, a founding member and president of the Association for domestic reasearch (Društvo za domače raziskave), a curator&artistgroup he founded in 2004 with the artist Alenka Pirman and the sculptor Damijan Kracina. He’s collaborated as a curator with Zavod SCCA Ljubljana, National Museum of Slovenia, Škuc gallery in Ljubljana, Centre of Contemporary Art in Celje, Ljudmila etc … , while now he’s the program director of the Vžigalica gallery in Ljubljana. Sometimes, thanks to curiosity or an exciting coincidence, he gets the urge for artistic creation, especially if he’s being hunted by some interesting idea he thinks it’d be a shame to discard it because of laziness or fear of a ruined self-esteem.