Katja Paternoster: Pod gladino

Katja Paternoster: Under the Surface

Katja Paternoster: Under the Surface
Pod Trančo
23. May–18. June 2022
light installation

In recent years, the artist created a series of light sculptures made from wire fence, which were presented in the context of various thematic cycles. Series such as Nočni obiskovalci (Night Visitors), Domači in divji (Domesticated and Wild) and Mistične živali (Mystical Animals) address different aspects of relationships humans develop with animals, either in a physical or in a spiritual sense. This time, she made a sculpture to accompany her into the depths of the sea, in an attempt to revive the world down there. For visitors, light is a medium uncovering everything that otherwise stays hidden: one can see not only how deep the waters are but also their rarely seen inhabitants. Wire fence’s fragile structure sketches out an image of a mysterious deep-sea creature but when light illuminates it, it becomes a real thing.

KATJA PATERNOSTER graduated at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. She works mainly in the field of architecture, but also in lighting design. She’s particularly interested in exposing current and relevant topics and developing these ideas in light installations that have a specific relationship with the viewer. Her light sculptures were already invited to numerous European lighting festivals (Lumina, Bella Skyway, Visualia, Klanglicht, Naturalenza Encendida – LIFE, Skopje Art Light District …)

foto: Matevž Paternoster