LAURENZ THEINERT: Jakobova lestev

Laurenz Theinert: Jacob’s Ladder

Laurenz Theinert: Jacob’s Ladder
the roof of NLB bank above pizzeria Parma

The title of the project is taken from a well-known Biblical story about a patriarch Jacob, who one night in the desert in his dreams had a prophetic vision of ladders leading from earth to heaven. Ladders, a bridge between this world and the afterlife, reach to the unutterable and, in Christian mythology, depict the longing of the human soul, and, simultaneously, serve as a backdrop for God’s revelation. Theinert’s ladder, composed of lighting elements that glow in the dark, symbolically refers to the human desire to discover unknown spaces and to dwell in the coordinates of unknown dimensions. The ladders take the viewer to the world beyond, into the transcendental world, where the usual laws of physical space are lost and where the human is left alone with her or himself with her or his hopes and fears.

LAURENZ THEINERT (Hannover, 1963) is a multimedia artist, who focuses on abstract reductive aesthetics, which, in his desire for dematerialization, led him from classic photography to light research. He studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and at the University of Leicester. In 2011, he received the MuV13 award for new media arts, and, two years later, also the award of the Association of Visual Artists of the state Baden-Württemberg. He lives and works in Stuttgart.

sponsor: NLB, d. d., Ljubljana