LENE LEKŠE: Špranje_LJ023

Lene Lekše: Crevices_LJ023

Lene Lekše: Crevices_LJ023
video installation
window of the Match Gallery & Križevniška Street & vent on the Plečnik Square

With the help of endoscopic cameras and NeRF technology, the artist took a close-up shot of several hidden corners in the city centre – various crevices, grooves, hidden openings, where sediments of time and all kind of traces of life are revealed. Through digital processing and editing, the artist transformed the resulting footage of her descent into the centre of the city’s underground into a video transcription, a three-dimensional animated landscape, which is projected onto a window of the Match Gallery. The projection of the journey and descent can be viewed on two other locations as well: the first location represents entrance (Plečnik Square), whereas the second allows the exit and return to the street (Križevniška Street). With the help of the artist’s authorial contribution, the intriguing video document turns into a poetic study of materiality, which bears witness to the remains of the current and former inhabitants of the city, but also to decay and disintegration.

LENE LEKŠE (1995, Ljubljana) completed her master’s degree in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana (ALOU) in 2020. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad, and has presented herself with solo exhibitions in the Simulacrum Gallery, p74, Alkatraz Gallery and Kino Šiška in Ljubljana. In 2021, she received the OHO group award for young artists.

technical assistance with video mapping: Oliver Wagner

sponsor: MadMapper / GarageCube