Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory: Data Landscapes

Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory: Data Landscapes
ZVKSD gallery – windows, Trg Francoske revolucije 3
23. May–18. June 2022 // On view: daily, 21.30–23.30
generative projections

mentors: Marko Plahuta, Matic Potočnik /technical part/ & BEAM TEAM /artistic part/

Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory is an established educational platform and has been a part of our festival program for several years now; it is primarily devoted to artistic empowerment of university and high-school students but also artists of older generations who wish to update their skills and knowledge by learning about and using advanced technological tools.

The workshop program this year, open to artists, was devoted to data bases and open-source tools for data visualization. Workshop participants explored the possibilities of visualizing various data collections. Based on collected data related to the city of Ljubljana, they created a series of graphic works, generative projections, exhibited in the display windows of ZVKDS Gallery opposite the Križanke venue. Laboratory is a guest at the new HEKA Laboratory in Koper; these works will later be exhibited at the IZIS festival, taking place in the fall of 2022 in Koper.

PARTICIPANTS: Martin Podlogar, Saša Ropač, Amadej Plesničar, Lavoslava Benčić, Tamara Mihalič, Jaka Železnikar, Isidora Todorić, Srđan Prodanović

MARKO PLAHUTA is an informatics-developer and a specialist for data mining, whose primary focus in recent years is visualization of data, development of software solutions and projects related to mechanical learning. MATIC POTOČNIK is a computer scientist who works on software development and analysis as well as researching technological changes and their consequences. Artistically, one of his most frequent topics is merging of the ostensible and the real.
STELLA IVŠEK & ANJA ROMIH (BEAM TEAM) are intermedia artists, who explore sound visualization, video-animation and set design as well as VJ under their aliases 5237 and SMECH at different events and festivals for several years now. They also curate a cycle of events called V2V (video to video), devoted primarily to those who create in the field of video-art, video-installations and visualizations.

Produced: Ljudmila Association – Art and Science Laboratory, Osmo/za Consortium

Co-produced: PiNA and RUK Consortium, ZVKDS – Zavod za varstvo kulturne dediščine Republike Slovenije (Public Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for the Protection of Cultural Heritage – IPCHS), Center for Architecture