Natan Esku: Evolution

Lighting Guerrilla: Re:Action5

The series of lighting installations titled Re:Action is an abridged traveling edition of the Lighting Guerrilla festival from Ljubljana that will take place in Kranj in September. Gardens, galleries and hidden spots in the cultural quarter of Kranj, including Layer’s house, Škrlovec tower, castle Khislstein and the surroundings of the Tomšičeva street will host a rich program of lighting projects. This Layer’s house production features a series of collaborations with local artists and a triplet of free workshops.

INSTALLATIONS AND PROJECTIONS: Katja Paternoster: Night Visitors / Sophie Guyot: 1000 luces / Andrej Stular: Family / Natan Esku: Evolution / Aleksandra Stratimirović: Kind Spirits & V. I. P. / ALUO Ljubljana: Bright Talk / High School of Photography and Design: Photonic Memories / Andreja Erzen: Inside – Outside / international camp participants: House of Shadows / Mirjam Cancer: Svetlomi / Nejc Zajec: Lighting graffiti / Nejc Zajec: The Invisible Future / Narvika Bovcon, Vanja Mervic, Ales Vaupotic: “À Mon Seul Désir”

coproduction: Zavod Carnica
partners: Prešeren’s Theatre Kranj, Komunala Kranj, ZTKK, Museum of Gorenjska, Tam-Tam
co-funding: Municipality of Kranj, Ministry of Culture