Martin Bricelj Baraga: Wave

Martin Bricelj Baraga: Wave
sound-light installation
Mitnica Gallery, Snežiška Street

The project entitled Wave is one of the audiovisual installations with which Baraga explores the theme of four primal elements (water, air, earth, fire) in recent years. The work in question belongs to the domain of water: it is an in-depth visual meditation on the importance of the sea, both at the level of the individual and their longings, as well as in the context of ecology or the importance of the sea for life on Earth. The wave caught in a pavilion, which viewers perceive as a lighting-sound signal, fluctuates in its intensity and simulates sensory magic of the real sea with the help of modular structure of test tubes, which has an intimate and contemplative effect.

MARTIN BRICELJ BARAGA is an intemedia artist and curator. His works and sculptures explore relationships between spaces, the environment, nature, technology and people. His installations and interventions are often set in unusual urban contexts or natural environments. He is the author of interactive works that are based on creating new situations in public space, the concept which he understands very broadly and encompasses both actual places in the city and nature as well as virtual world. He has received several international awards for his works, including awards from the Glow festival, Wro media biennial, Europrix Multimedia Award, Memefest, Baltimore Magazine, etc. He is the director of MoTA – the Museum of Transitional Arts, the founder of the SONICA festival and a member of the Nonument group.

sound: Fraction