Metka Mikuletič & Nuša Jurkovič: Parallel World


The Cankarjev dom facade will turn into a special colourful backdrop where a lighting performance will take place every evening in collaboration with the audience. The visitors will be able to use different motives and shapes to create their own visual narratives: giving thus birth to the theatre of coloured shadows. An additional element of the installation can also become the passers-by and visitors who find themselves in between the light source and the projection wall, contributing in this way a moment of imprevedibility and randomness. The artists have tried to create a shortcut to another dimension, to a world »where we can draw our own little worlds, where time passes differently, where any moment is more bearable, more beautiful and more colourful«.


Metka Mikuletič (1986) is an architect and unique jewellery designer who is interested in all aspects of the creative process, from the word to the shape and finally material. Nuša Jurkovič (1987) is also an architect, at the moment she’s mostly into interior design. They’ve both contributed to Lighting Guerrilla for the first time in 2011 with the group installation The Sound of Light.


coproduction: Cankarjev dom