Mutual Loop: Vortex

Mutual Loop: Vortex
light installation
the Gradaščica river (next to the Eipprova Street)

Vortex represents a dynamic spatial installation, the effect of which is the result of light oscillations spreading through space. The material foundation of the project consists of several kilometres of elastic strings, which are stretched in dense lines between the two ends of the space and which act as a kind of railroad along which the light trails extend. The illuminated structure leads the viewer’s eye into undefined distances, while their refection on the water surface creates an additional spatial expansion. The placement thus, in a unique way, defines a virtual space, a mysterious territory beyond our reach. Symbolically speaking, the project echoes our journey from the dark underground to a state of enlightened consciousness, where the darkness and mystery of individual subjectivity still resonate.

The name MUTUAL LOOP stands for the Viennese artistic duo (Martina Tritthart & Holger Lang) who authored numerous artistic interventions and installations, the golden thread of which is the use of the medium of light. Martina Tritthart obtained her PhD at the University in Graz. She works as an intermedia artist and curator. Holger Lang is an artist and filmmaker, who also lives and works in Vienna: he creates conceptual, experimental and interdisciplinary projects. He teaches animation and new media art at the American University in Vienna, and, at the same time, runs his own art gallery and experimental film festival.

partner: Austrian Cultural Forum Ljubljana