NINA ŠULIN: Moherčice

Nina Šulin: Moherians

Nina Šulin: Moherians
light installation
Park Zvezda

The project Moherians is part of the recognizable authorial poetics of Nina Šulin, who in recent years created a series of breathtaking spatial installations, usually made with threads and various illuminated elements that ripple in the volume of space. The spreading membranes glow in the space and form impressive organic structures, among which the viewers walk and enjoy the ever-new views that unfold before their eyes. This time too, the artist created an imposing structure with nets and white threads, which floats above the space like mist. According to the artist, the project addresses the silence of life outside cities, solitude among branches, tree trunks and clouds; it talks about a blinding sun and gentle summer rain, about wind somewhere far away from city streets, the noise of cars and people. Moherians bring back the feeling of nature, which disappeared from cities and people with trees and birds.

NINA ŠULIN graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Education in Maribor in 2008; in 2014, she obtained her master’s degree in stage design at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, majoring in costume design. She works as a costume designer, illustrator, puppet maker, mentor of art and puppet workshops and high school teacher. In addition to numerous solo and group exhibitions, as an illustrator, she also authored several (picture) books, for which she received three international awards.