Nonument Group: Pioneer Railway – Nowhere from Noplace

participatory audio stroll – event
former route of the Pioneer Railway between Koseški bajer and the ZOO
Sathurday, 25th May, at 21.00


Performative action of revitalization of the former Pioneer Railway is marked by an audio stroll and light intervention with moving choreography along the former route of this today almost forgotten railway. It 3,9 km long and was completely managed by children, pioneer railway workers. It ran along the edge of the city between 1948 and 1954, now it represents an important part of our recent history; it served to prepare the youth for life in a society, to teach them about technics, to educate them and to have fun. The intervention by the Nonument Group is based on research of the archives of the Pioneer railway of which only memorial plaques still remain on the original route now, and on interviews with the builders, users and its other workers. The project will be watchable and also possible to be actively involved in it; it will be later presented also as an art publication and an exhibition.

NONUMENT GROUP is a multidisciplinary artistically exploration collective whose mission is to explore the hidden, abandoned and forgotten architectures of the 20th century and to perform artistic interventions to turn attention to their presence.

IDEA AND VISUAL CONCEPT: Neja Tomšič & Martin Bricelj Baraga / RESEARCH: Danica Sretenović & Barbara Tomšič / CONSULTANTS: Nika Grabar & Miloš Kosec / SOUND: Sašo Kalan / TECHNICAL DESIGN: Igor Vuk / SPECIAL THANKS: Mladen Bogić and former pioneers of the railway

Production: KUD MoTa