Pionirski dom: Mi vsi smo v istem čolnu

Pionirski Dom: We’re All In The Same Boat

Pionirski Dom: We’re All In The Same Boat
in front of the Pionirski Dom in 11 Vilharjeva st.

OPENING: Saturday, 19th June, at 21.00

Mentors: Nina Koželj and Boris Beja

The reality of the past year has severely interrupted the continuous exhibition production of the LIKfest art festival and last year also made it impossible to present the children’s works on the theme of landscape in the gallery of Pionirski Dom Centre for Youth Culture. The real landscape has therefore been replaced by a virtual one this year. The spatial installation in the garden of Pionirski Dom is questioning contact and touch with the help of a virtual language, more precisely a video document in which especially the visual element of the line resides in its primary linear narrativity and inhabits it by means of a hologram. The line of light, subjective and elusive but above all difficult to recreate, manifests itself in the installation as a light recording that creates a hologram when juxtaposed with works by other artists. The production of the project took place in school environments and is being continued as group work, hence the title of the installation.

NINA KOŽELJ (1985) is a visual artist who works in the fields of sculpture, graphics, painting and spatial installations. She graduated from the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana.  She participated, among other events, in the triennial of contemporary Slovenian art U3 in 2016, and in 2010 she received a scholarship from the Swiss foundation Vordemberge-Gildewart. BORIS BEJA (1986) graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology in Ljubljana and then in 2013 from the Sculpture Department of the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design. He received, among other awards, the student Prešeren Award for Sculpture (at ALUO) in 2012. Both Koželj and Beja have been cooperating as pedagogues with the Pionirski Dom for several years now and both have established themselves in recent years as recognizable members of the Slovenian visual arts scene.

Contributing: Schools and kindergartens of the Municipality of Ljubljana

Video: Blaž Bergant

production: Pionirski Dom Ljubljana