STRAN22: Ambigram

Stran22: Ambigram

Stran22: Ambigram
Match Gallery, Ljubljana
23. May – 18. June 2022
light installation

In Ambigram by Stran22, an image is designed using a rudimentary optical device, called camera obscura that functions as a hole through which an image is transmitted by the light leaking in. The leaflet cover takes aim at both, the duplication – ambi- (both, both sides) and -gram (recording, display) – and the ambiguity, also in appearance. »The appearance breaks in two: on ‘what appears to be (true)’ and on what the truth is about ‘what appears to be (true)’. « (Bunta, Uničiti nič, 28.) Enough said when talking about deception, which overlooks that: »one’s self is made of anonymous »substance« and in it, through a rear view perspective, dissolves without residue.« (Ibid., 8.) /Karlo Hmeljak/

STRAN22 is an interdisciplinary collective that includes several artists from different fields – from visual and performative arts, architecture and design to original music and poetry. They have an interdisciplinary approach and a strong wish to explore new unconventional artistic expressions.

Co-production: MGML, Pina