Urška Savič & Ana Lorger: Shadowy Zone II.

Urška Savič & Ana Lorger: Shadowy Zone II.
Gradaška Street

Shadowy Zone II. is an upgrade of an earlier version of the project that the two artists carried out in 2021 at the Floating Castle festival in Snežnik. That year, the main theme of the festival was the historical treatment of the phenomenon of smuggling. Among mythological images, such as Martin Krpan, Ana Lorger and Urška Savič placed shadowy images of people on the way and pointed out that smuggling in the surrounding forests is still taking place today.

In the present edition, the project, which addresses modern migrations, is expanded in terms of content to the question of space, which uses physical barriers as a tool to prevent people from crossing borders. The artists acquired a few pieces of the barbed wire on the Slovenian southern border, which is still cutting into the space in many places, despite promises to remove it. As a basic visual element, pieces of cut wire move ominously along the restored steps of the River Gradaščica, the sound of water alludes to the border area, where people are not only faced with having to cross natural obstacles, but the human factor also prevents them from crossing the borders. Light negatives attempt to encourage reflection on how borders separate and alienate us from each other. According to the artists, in the politics of migration, we are still facing the fundamental problem of the violence of the authorities, which, with borders, prevents us from recognizing one another as subjects – from coexisting and learning from each other.

ANA LORGER (1995) is a graduate of comparative literature and dramaturgy. She is self-employed in culture. She works in the fields of literary and theatre criticism, feminism and theatrical-literary art. In her free time, she is a sound engineer. URŠKA SAVIČ (1992) is a photographer and sculptor. She is self-employed in culture. She is active in the fields of theory and criticism of photographic and new media art and creates sound landscapes. In her free time, she is a sound engineer.

video: Ana Lorger, Urška Savič
video editing: Urška Savič
technical help with video editing: Lina Rica
sponsor: MadMapper / GarageCube