Vesna Makarov: Transformation

light object
1st June – 17th June 2017
Cukrarna palace

OPENING: Thursday, 1st June, at 21.30

The essence of the project is the dialogue between spontaneous visual creation and rational approach to space and material. Artist and designer Vesna Makarov considers the computer motherboards from the perspective of a builder and uses them as building blocks of her visual artistic vocabulary. The resulting sculptures address the viewer with crude directness of the laid-bare materials.

VESNA MAKAROV (1983, Kranj 1983) is a multimedia artist and a fashion & textile designer, recipient of the student’s Prešernova award. She’s currently perfecting her expertise at the master’s studies at the NTF in Ljubljana (department of textiles and clothing).

mentor: prof. Marija Jenko

coproduction: Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana