Iva Ferlinc: Metal V.

Iva Ferlinc: Metal V.
light installation
Match Gallery

The project Metal V. plays with the use of light as a medium for the design or perception of space: the artist created a large metal plate with notches or various openings through which discreet light, the source of which is located behind the object, shines into space. Notches and hatches in the panel modulate the appearance of light in the space – the light is outlined in sharp shapes across the surfaces of the room, thus defining its configuration or nature. The project thematizes the interdependent relationships between the object, light and space, by means of which the artist offers the viewer a unique experience of the perception of space, encouraging them to question their own relationship towards reality. (after text by Anja Seničar)

IVA FERLINC (1997) works in the media of painting, sculpture, photography and installation. She frequently addresses the concept of spatiality, which, by focusing on sensory perceptions and positioning of the body in space, creates an environment for structuring an eclectic reality. In her works, she thinks through the prism of the triangle of relations between the viewer, space and work of art. She often builds her conceptual designs on the basis of her own experiences, understandings and intuitive interpretations of spaces, objects and other works of art. Through the deliberate use of light, materials, shapes and textures, she examines the issue of the perception of subject’s body in space and its relationship to reality.

22. May-17. June 2023 // opening hours: Tue_Sun., 12.00–23.30
18. June–28. Aug. 2023 // opening hours: Tue-Sun., 10.00–18.00
coproduction: MGML