Janez Grošelj: Wavescope

light installation
Križanke park
15 June −11 July 2020


Wavescope, the new lighting project by Janez Grošelj, deals with an abstracted visualization of lightwaves as a phenomenon that can transfer energy, light, sound and information through space. The specificity of various forms of waves, all kinds of oscillations around a stable equilibrium are reflected, in spite being generally omnipresent, in the fact that they are unavailable and inaccessible to human senses. The wavescope thus attempts to bring the viewer closer to the invisible world: a set of light rings arranged in space creates a lighting abstraction whose purpose is to raise and stimulate human awareness and admiration of this interesting phenomenon through a simple but visually effective form.

JANEZ GROŠELJ has a master’s degree in architecture and is quickly moving away from building construction to discover his vocation in a smaller and more intimate field of light and lighting art. His participation in the student project Park Geometrics in 2015 encouraged him to work more independently in this field, so since then he’s been creating mostly under the auspices of the Lighting Guerrilla festival. This is how his Tree Heartbeat project which was shown in several locations in Slovenia and in the Light Art District festival in Skopje, Macedonia came to be. In addition to active creativity Grošelj also shares his knowledge and experience as a mentor in workshops.