Katja Heitmann: For iTernity

Katja Heitmann: For iTernity
Gornji trg, Ljubljana
2nd–4th June 2022, every day: 21.30–23.30 (9.30 pm –11.30 pm)
Interactive light performance

An interactive, choreographed visual performance, taking place three evenings in a row at Gornji trg, is based on eight video projections in a space that is frequented not only by visitors but also passers-by. When entering the venue, visitors receive small tablets (screens) that capture the images transmitted by video projectors as they move through space. The visitors move around trying to catch images on screen and follow the choreographed content consisting of a ballet dancer’s performance in a video. But visitors’ movement adds an additional performative layer. The result is not only visitor’s immersive experience but also their contribution in creating their light choreographies  (projections) in space.

The artist wants to question the hegemony of screens and data in our digitized world. Visitors’ bodies, moving around with screens attached to them, are carefree and easily subjected to the digitized image that leads them around in the space. This innocent gesture however discloses the author’s intent, hidden in the question: are humans managing machines or are machines managing humans?

KATJA HEITMANN (1987, Hamburg) works at the cross-section of visual art and contemporary dance. She also creates artistic installations, performances and choreographies often intertwining various creative practices and combining it into new artistic expressions. In her work she explores forces and drives that determine contemporary humans. In 2016 she was awarded the Prijs van de Nederlandse Dansdagen (The Prize of Dutch Dance Days). In the field of visual arts and installations she uses extremely minimalist and formalized language, offering visitors an emotional and intense perspective into a world that is horrible and repugnant.

Concept & choreography: Katja Heitmann
concept & music: Sander van der Schaaf
production: Stichting This is not a show
performance: Celine Werkhoven
coproduction: DansBrabant

photo: Bart van Overbeeke

Co-produced: Dance Theatre Ljubljana
Project was prduced with a support by City of Tilbur, the Dutch Performing Arts Fund, PLAN Noord Brabant.