Lighting Guerilla Laboratory

Results of the workshops, series of interactive light interventions at various locations
Rimska street 2, Match Gallery window, French Revolution Square, Novi square 5, lamp-post at Breg 2) // until 15. 6.
mentors: Tilen Sepič & Luka Frelih
OPENING: Thursday, 16th May, at 21.30


Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory is the integral part of the festival dedicated to workshops and informal education of young artists. This year’s Laboratory aims to strengthen their knowledge of interactivity and smart devices. The workshop taught the participants how to use affordable micro-controllers and light/motion sensitive modules – to interact with light and sound. The participants of the workshop thus explored the possibilities to apply new interactive tools and to produce several interventions in a public space nearby Match gallery.

Kolesarnica (The Bicycle Room), which is to be found in the French Revolution square, was conceived by Marko A. Kovačič and joined guerrilla-style by the technical-practical-documentarist team of the Lighting Guerilla festival. Marko A. Kovačič thus made the bicycle room in collaboration with Jaka Kušar Jež and the LG Laboratory team to create an urban means of non-transport, while the trio fantasticus Borut Miha Borut realized the Into the Unknown project.

PARTICIPANTS: Marko Batista, Lavoslava Benčić, Matej Bizovičar, Doroteja Erhatič, Tonja Gašperlin, Janez Grošelj, Neža Jurman, Kristina Kokalj, Miro Križman, Marko A. Kovačič, Denis Mavrič and Teja Tegelj

OUTSIDE COLLABORATORS: Jaka Kušar Jež and Borut Miha Borut


about the mentors:

TILEN SEPIČ is a multidisciplinary designer and intermedia artist, self-employed in culture. He’s active in the fields of product design, light, design, interactive studio photography, experience design and of interactive installations based on light and sound. LUKA FRELIH is a computer programmer and artist, a founding member of Ljudmila, a hacker with special sympathy for open-source software and creating webpages. He’s contributed to many projects that connect technology with art: he was a member of the Theremidi Orchestra, Makrolab and ASCII Art Ensemble; he co-created several pioneer projects.


Coproduction: Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory, Osmo/za Consortium, RogLab/MGML, Festival Ljubljana
Sponsor: Garage Cube, Madmapper
foto: Borut Bučinel