Erik Matrai: Turul

16th international festival of light


23th May−18th June 2022

Match Gallery, Mala gallery BS, various outdoor locations in the city centre

The only light arts festival in Slovenia is marching towards adulthood, persistently and enthusiastically as always: this year we are preparing its 16th edition, which makes Lighting Guerrilla one of the oldest manifestations of its kind in Europe. After two years of covid epidemic and enforcing all kinds of prevention measures to contain it, we are, albeit slowly getting back on track – even though, in light of current mismanaged cultural politics in Slovenia we are still facing uncertainties. We might lose our space where we’ve been residing and working for years, while being under constant attack much like other, similar non-governmental organizations. In spite of all of that, we nevertheless managed to keep our artistic production in good shape: this year’s edition brings a series of artists from abroad but the majority of our main program is representing new works by local artists – not only those with whom we’ve already collaborated before and got to know their work but also several younger authors who are just starting to enter the art world.

The theme of this year’s edition is Shadows and Reflections. The program was conceived bearing in mind the times we live in. The times demanding of all of us to look deeply within ourselves as well as at our surroundings. Art always mirrors the outside world and a number of projects in one way or another reflect the current moment and explore its either political or social implications; or they chose to dwell in extremely subjective commentaries about either their personal or social reality. The allusions to more recent or not so recent history haunt our present like shadows from the past, address us as visitors by telling different stories that touch (upon) our feelings and rational mind. There are also several projects which focus on the theme from a strictly formal point of view. Incessant explorations of light as a medium always seem to fascinate and inspire our visitors, and undoubtedly this year they will have a chance to experience the same.

This year Lighting Guerrilla offers its large and loyal audience a number of exciting light installations, objects and projections as well as workshops for children as well as devoting a part of its program to performing arts. We’ve also organized many workshop activities for invited artists and students, from high school to university, academia, faculties, to participate in educational programs of Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory under guidance of excellent mentors, pedagogues and artists. Vžigalica Gallery is the festival’s epicenter, but we also collaborate with two other galleries this year. Most of the program however, takes place at open-air locations in Ljubljana city center with a few locations a bit further away. Just like in past years, we organized a series of guided tours as an opportunity for you to get to know artistic works in more detail.

The 16th Lighting Guerrilla will transform Ljubljana, once again, into an open-air art asylum. For one month we will contribute to our city’s urban pulse with the help of contemporary art by exhibiting numerous light installations and livening up our city streets and squares.

Outdoor projects litten up: 21.30–23.30.
Guided tours on bikes every Thursday and Sathurday in front of the Match Gallery at 21.00.

We are not responsible for any eventual program changes due to force majeure or anythign else; follow the latest information on our website and on our social media.
Festival visitors are kindly asked to adhere to current guidelines and instructions on safety and hygiene measures against Covid-19.